Инструменты Рентгеновского Анализа: ORA SUPER
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Инструменты Рентгеновского Анализа: ORA SUPER

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Karatmeter ORA
Быстрое неразрушающее высокоточное определение карат/процентного содержания драгоценных металлов в ювелирных изделиях с помощью технологии микрофокусного РФА
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Fast non-destructive precise karat/percentage determination of jewellery samples and precious alloys using micro-spot XRF technology


Karatmeter ORA SUPER , a desktop spectrometer is fast, non-destructive and accurate model

for measurement of precious metals, alloys and finished jewellery. Thanks to miniature SME technology

for its compact size to fit comfortably into a small space.


Based on 50 years of innovation in X-ray technology Bruker Nano GmbH, Germany has designed and developed special OEM kits for Karatmeter ORA SUPER taking into consideration the latest technology, simplicity and overall cost. Bruker is worldwide leader in several technologies including XRF, XRD, NMR, FTIR, AFM, SEM, EPM, GCMS and many more.

The unit precisely & quickly determines the elemental composition of jewellery alloys including yellow gold, white gold, platinum group metals, silver alloys and all metals even without the assistance of technically skilled person.


Most versatile top geometry i.e. excitation from top and small spot size down to 0.3mm allows non-contact and non-destructive measurement of even irregular shaped samples. Articles down from 0.5mm up to the size of 200x200x100mm can be easily placed directly on the sample stage and examined without any sample preparations. The right positioning of sample is supported by magnified image through optical microscope.

Quantum equipment, well known organization in Asian markets for X-ray and laser supplies continuously improving and innovating the established techniques in precious metal analysis.


The detection of fluorescence radiation by a prop-counter offers a large sensitive area, thereby capturing a large amount of fluorescence which is vital for precious analysis of metals. The detection by high resolution silicon drift SDD detector also available for low level, light elements and complex alloys. The desired concentrations are quantified with standard-based Empirical and standard-less Fundamental Parameter calibrations. This supports high accuracy in the range of 0.2wt.% together with analysis of unknown metals. Models are categorized into 3-versions depending upon configuration and applications.

ParameterKaratmeter ORA SUPER
ExcitationMicro- focus, high performance, W-target, thin glass window X-ray tube
High Voltage50kV/1.2mA (60W) progarmmable
DetectorPeltier cooled super resolution silicon drift SDD detector with 30mm active area
FWHM < 125eV
Spot size0.7mm or more 
Optional 4-position collimator changer
Element rangeP(15) to U (92)
Accuracy0.0 – 0.2 wt.%
Sample viewUSB high resolution colour CCTV camera with multiplexed graphics
Sample positioningManual scissor z-stage optional motorized z-stage/auto focus
QuantificationStandard-based Empirical and standard-less Fundamental Parameter all metal calibrations
Power supply110/230V AC, 50/60Hz, 120W
Dimensions370x400x330mm WxDxH

Application Examples :

Goldsmith / Manufactures
Gold Refiners
Hallmarking Centres
Metal Laboratories